Depositions in Car Accident Cases: An Overview

Car Accident DepositionsYou will have to be a part of the deposition process if you have filed a car accident claim in a regular civil court. It is a part of the pre-trial process. In this process, you have to testify under oath about how the accident happened and what kinds of injuries were sustained.

What is the process of deposition?

The process of deposition is a face-to-face question-answer session which is scheduled by a lawyer to get insight about the case from the witness’ point of view. Depositions are procedure driven and may vary from state to state.

Who can be made a witness for deposition?

People from the parties responsible for filing lawsuits including the plaintiffs, defendants and their employees can be made witnesses in the deposition process. To inform a party of the deposition, a notice for the same is sent to the party or its lawyer.

Where does the deposition occur?

Depositions usually take place with the lawyer who was responsible for scheduling the deposition in the first place. It can take place in the lawyer’s office, conference room in the courthouse or any public building.

What is the role of the people present there?

From the party who claimed the lawsuit, the witness for testifying and his lawyer are present at the deposition. Along with them, the lawyer who scheduled the deposition as well as stenographer for reporting events is present. You as the witness will have to answer all the questions posed to you honestly under oath. Your lawyer will ensure that all answers you give are meaningful and all lawful procedures are followed. He is liable to object any improper questions to protect your rights. The stenographer is responsible for administering the oath during the beginning of deposition and preparing notes in the transcript. Any other parties present observe but do not actively participate.

How much does a deposition cost?

The stenographer charges a fee. This is usually based on the number of the pages in the transcript. In a normal routine, the reporter’s fees are several hundred dollars. The experts who have been called for witness purposes charge for their time. The scheduler usually pays for the time. The regular witnesses, however, are not entitled to a fee.

What can be expected from a deposition?

The verbatim transcript developed by the reporter is the result of deposition. It contains typed questions and answers. Digital technology allows using cameras to prepare the transcript.

How to prepare for deposition?

Go over the accident scene and discuss the probable questions with your lawyer. Prepare notes of the day of the accident. Read about different questions which may be posed to you. Your car accident attorney will help you understand the different aspects of the procedure.

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