Wrongful Death Suit After Teen’s Death in Fatal Crash

stl-car-accident-lawyerA teenager lost her life in an accident in Missouri on April 5. Her father has now filed a wrongful death suit against the truck driver and the furniture company that owned the truck. The 17-year-old female, of Grassy, was driving in Cape Girardeau County, when a truck crossed the centreline and crashed into her SUV. The truck was owned by the a furniture company.

The girl was declared dead at the accident site. Her father has filed a wrongful death suit against the truck driver, the furniture company, and its local franchise. The truck driver and his passenger sustained minor injuries in the accident. The authorities failed to comment on the actual reason that might have caused the accident. The teenager’s father filed a lawsuit in Cape Girardeau County Circuit Court, stating that the truck owner was under the influence of some drugs when the accident occurred. In the lawsuit, the victim’s father has sought damages amounting to $25000 for all the emotional distress, trauma and other losses that the family has dealt with.

The lawsuit also accuses the furniture company and its franchisee for being negligent in hiring the driver, who has a long history of traffic offenses. The truck driver is a repeat offender; he has been convicted five times for speeding, twice for imprudent and careless driving, driving while intoxicated, and driving on a suspended license. Considering all this, no responsible company should have ever allowed him to drive. The case is scheduled for hearing before the judge on August 5.

This case raises inquisitiveness over wrongful death suits:
What are they?
What cases qualify for this suit?
Who can sue?
What damages can be sought?

Here is some insight into wrongful death suits. In simple words, a wrongful death occurs when a victim dies due to the negligence or fault of any other person, company, or government agency. The survivors of such victims can seek damages for the losses they have incurred due to the sudden death of the victim. The loss could be emotional or loss of income because of the victim’s demise.

Wrongful death can occur because of several reasons. It can occur because of a truck accident, car accident, or motorcycle accident caused by a speeding, driving under the influence or negligence. It may also occur by the use of a product that was potentially dangerous or life threatening. A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by the immediate family members of the victim, spouse, children, financial dependents, or even distant relatives in some select cases. Anyone who has been affected by the wrongful death of a relative should immediately seek legal services of a wrongful death attorney as the suit must be filed quickly. The wrongful death attorney will help you file the lawsuit and get the damages that you are entitled to.

Missouri Car Accident Lawyers

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photo credit:  ER24 EMS (Pty) Ltd


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