How Can a Missouri Car Accident Lawyer Help Your Case?

When you are involved in a car accident, you get caught in myriad problems concerning insurance claims and settlements.

why-hire-a-car-accident-lawyerThere are countless issues to be settled, like proving the liability, payment for car damages, payment of medical expenditure, reimbursement for lost wages and many more. An experienced Missouri car accident lawyer is the most helpful person in handling such cases. These attorneys most often work on a contingent-fee basis and they negotiate the case well as they get paid only when the claim is successfully resolved.

Why Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

A competent Missouri car accident lawyer is well conversant with the relevant laws and regulations which affect such cases. Thus they can advice you on various issues pertaining to the case of which one is completely unaware. For example, they can inform you about time limits or ‘Statutes of Limitations’ which may prevent you from filing a lawsuit against the driver who has been at fault. In certain states the lawsuit can be filed within two years of your accident only and no lawsuit can be filed post completion of this period.

What Your Attorney Can Do For You

After you have hired an injury attorney, your hassles are reduced as he can file a lawsuit on your behalf and is the best person to handle the defense arguments raised by opponents. Your attorney is also your best guide in preparation of trial when the legal case commences. An attorney can also fight on your behalf if your case goes to trial. A knowledgeable attorney plays a defining role in the progression of the case. With his sound knowledge of the laws and regulations, they ensure that the opponents, who are generally big insurance companies, become aware that they cannot avoid paying the appropriate amount of compensation.

Once you have been in an automobile accident, the last that you want to do is preparing the paperwork for negotiating a personal injury suit and insurance settlement. This is a time consuming work that is best left to a legal professional. Attorneys have seen large number of such cases and know what pitfalls to avoid. They obtain the required documents and evidence to strengthen the claim, like police reports, statements of various witnesses, information regarding employment and loss of wages, medical reports and expenditures.

The next major step is the preparation of ‘Settlement Demand Letter’. Your attorney will put in order the relevant documents and evidence and issue the settlement demand letter to the insurance company. If the accident case is not settled, your Missouri car accident attorney will prepare the necessary documentation for starting a court case. He can also arbitrate on your behalf in case you have sustained serious injuries and are recovering.

Contact a Missouri Car Accident Attorney

Your attorney advocates on your behalf for the entire duration of the claim process. They will ensure that your case is well heard before the jury and the judge and that you are adequately compensated for all the losses incurred.

If you have been involved in a Missouri auto accident, contact The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. by calling (314) 361-4242 and scheduling a free consultation.


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