Saint Louis Automobile Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Individuals who have been involved in an automobile accident that has injured a pedestrian often feel distressed. This is not surprising considering how fatal Saint Louis pedestrian accidents can prove to be. However, if you have been involved in such an accident it is essential to compose yourself and concentrate on the following things:


Safety is the most important thing. The first thing to do is to ensure that the injured individuals are safe. Do not try to provide medical treatment apart from what you need to do during an emergency situation, like CPR.

Find medical and legal assistance.

The next thing to do is to get in touch with the police, medical professionals, and auto insurance companies of both the driver and pedestrian. Provide accurate information about the circumstances that led up to the accident to the law enforcers. It is also a good idea to get in touch with an experienced Saint Louis car accident lawyer before speaking with an insurance adjuster.

Provide and ask for contact information.

If possible, you should provide your name, contact number, and insurance information to the pedestrian who was injured in the accident. Do not discuss too much about the accident with the pedestrian or their family or friends. You may also face a personal injury lawsuit if you acknowledge responsibility for the accident or tell them you feel you are at fault. Refrain from discussing the accident directly with the pedestrian’s attorney or their auto insurance company.

Consult a Saint Louis Car Accident Attorney

Auto insurance policies are determined by the laws of a the state. These policies also have their own individual restrictions and exceptions to the rule. Aside from this, the insurance policy used will determine recovery. The decision of the judge of a certain state will also play a factor in the recovery.

It is also advisable for pedestrians to consult professionals to handle their case. The Saint Louis car accident lawyers at The Hoffmann Law Firm offer free, private consultations.

saint louis pedestrian accident attorneyPreventing Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Practicing defensive driving is the best way to prevent accidents involving pedestrians. This will entail becoming aware of the way people walk, use a wheelchair or bicycle, roller skate, drive a battery-powered bike, and even have fun on the road. Be more careful while driving whenever you see children or elderly people along the road. Such people may be unaware of automobiles passing on the road. It is always possible that they may wander out of the pedestrian lanes  or be inattentive to traffic signals.

It is essential to keep in mind that the vulnerability of people increases when they are not inside automobiles and are walking along the road. They are also more prone to becoming seriously injured compared to the driver of a vehicle. You may prevent accidents involving pedestrians if you make them aware of your presence, offer them space along with a suitable amount of time to get out of the way.

In spite of all precautions, if you still get involved in an accident involving a pedestrian, or have been injured as a pedestrian, contact a Saint Louis accident attorney to discuss your legal rights.


photo credit: volcrano via Flickr


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