A Car Owners Responsibility Goes Beyond Just Their Car

The drivers of cars and trucks have a duty to protect other motorists by upholding driving laws and driving in a manner that does not put others in danger.

car-accident-unsecured-load-st-louisThis also extends to any load they may be hauling. While you may be aware that a truck has to secure their cargo in order to avoid an accident, the same holds true for a passenger car. If your St. Louis car accident stemmed from an unsecured load, either by a commercial truck or passenger car, a St. Louis car accident lawyer can help.

With the influx of large SVU’s and pick-ups on our highways, it is not unusual to see these types of vehicles towing anything from boats to small campers behind them. Pick-up trucks are also often used to haul items in the beds of their vehicles. Both of these scenarios have the potential to cause a horrific car accident if the loads are not secured properly.

How to Properly Secure Your Load

When towing, a vehicle owner needs to first make sure that their car has the capability of moving a heavy load. Once that is established then the proper towing gear should be installed, including brake and tail lights if the ones on the car are being obstructed by the load. The driver should also have experience in towing extra weight as this will cause a major difference in the way the car normally handles.

Not securing a load properly and or not knowing how to drive a car with such a load can cause the trailer, boat or whatever else is being towed to come undone. This is seen often with small moving trailers that an inexperienced customer may rent for a day. Once that trailer comes undone it becomes a major road hazard to other drivers.

If your accident is caused by this type of event, the car owner, the trailer owner and any entity the driver may have been working for at the time could be held liable for your injuries. A Missouri driver fractured his leg after a collision with a trailer that had become unsecured from the SVU that was towing it. In this case the negligence was found on the part of the drivers employer for not having the proper safety measures in place to prevent such an accident from occurring. As a result, the employer agreed to a $387,500 settlement.

Pick-up trucks hauling cargo in their bed pose the same type of risk to other drivers. They too have a responsibility to ensure that they have the skills needed to haul heavy items and that the items are securely in place so as not to fly out of the back. An object suddenly flying out of the back of a pick-up can cause a serious accident on a highway.

Car Accident Lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri

Unsecured cargo accidents do not necessarily have to involve a large commercial truck. Call an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney if you have recently been injured in a crash that was caused by the items being hauled by another car. Only they can help you obtain the compensation that is rightfully yours.

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photo credit: DiamondBack Truck Covers


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