Benefits of Hiring a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer

After a car accident, there are many questions you may have.

After a car accident there are various questions that you might have regarding fault liability, damage compensation, compensation of medical bills, lost wages, and compensation of rental car expenses. It is advisable to hire an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney. Many attorneys who handle personal injury cases work on a contingent-fee basis and are paid a part of the compensation awarded after successful resolution of a case.

Insurance Regulations and Statue of Limitations

A St. Louis car accident attorney is aware of the insurance regulations and other laws that are applicable to your case, guiding you through the entire process. The attorney will also be aware of the statute of limitations that exist in your state and will advice you on when to file a lawsuit against the driver-at-fault. Some states have the statute of limitations of two years. For example, you have to file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the accident or else you will be prohibited from filing after the expiration of the time limit.

Leveling the Playing Field

The most important benefit of hiring a St. Louis car accident attorney is that the attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf and you will be spared the legal hassles. The attorney knows best how to handle various defenses raised by the other party and will be your guide during negotiations. In case your claim is not settled by negotiations, the attorney will take the case to trial. Insurance companies deal with such cases every day and the case may get difficult if you are handling it on your own; however, if an experienced attorney is handling your case, the playing field will be even.

Gathering Evidence

There are various aspects to a case which merit attention and after you have been through an accident and have sustained injuries, you would find it extremely difficult doing the time consuming work of collecting various reports and evidences. The attorney will gather the evidence in support of your case, such as medical reports and bills, police reports, eye witness accounts, and information on lost wages. The attorney will put the evidence in order and forward the necessary communication to the insurance company. In case you do not reach a settlement, your attorney will be able to file the necessary paperwork for starting a trial.

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