St. Louis Car Accidents and Back Injuries

Back injuries are a common injury sustained in car accidents; even seemingly minor accidents can result in severe injuries to the back.


Automobile accidents are a common occurrence. The unfortunate aspect of an accident is the injuries sustained by the occupants of the vehicles involved. Back injuries are a common injury sustained in car accidents. The impact of a collision, however minor it may be, can be too much for the human body to absorb, and even seemingly minor accidents can result in severe injuries to the back.

Type of Back Injuries

Back injuries can be of various types depending on the type of impact and region of the back injured. The spine, which is encased inside the vertebral column, can be broadly divided into three regions – cervical vertebrae (neck region), thoracic vertebrae (upper back region), and the lumbar vertebrae (lower back region). The spinal cord is surrounded and supported by discs, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. An injury to the back can vary from being temporary to permanent and the pain associated can be mild or debilitating.

Thoracic Spine Injuries: These injuries are caused by high speed automobile accidents and are the most serious of all. The chances of suffering permanent nerve damage are quite high in these injuries.

Lumbar Spine Injuries: The lumbar region consists of the five largest vertebrae and strongest muscles to support the spine. Injury in this region can be a sprain or a strain. In case of a sprain, the ligaments are damaged, whereas in a strain, the ligaments, tendons, or muscles are stretched. The injury can cause bruising, swelling, and limited movement and can severely impact day-to-day activities.

Herniated Discs: A disc is a cushion between two adjacent vertebrae. When a disc is displaced or ruptured, there is excessive pressure exerted on the spinal cord and the adjacent nerves, causing excessive pain in the lower region and numbness in the legs.

Spinal Cord Injuries: The spinal cord is the most important and sensitive organ after the brain. Injuries to the spinal cord include bruising, excessive pressure, and permanent damage. These injuries can cause short- or long-term disabilities, loss of sensation in specific body parts, loss of reflexes, and total or partial paralysis. There can be secondary conditions resulting from spinal cord injuries such as bleeding, blood clots, infections, and spinal fluid leaks.

Diagnosing and Treating Back Injuries

Back injuries resulting from car accidents can be diagnosed and their severity can be determined by various techniques like X-ray, MRI, CT scans, bone scans, and myelograms. The nature of treatment depends on the type and severity of the injury sustained by the accident victim. Minor back injuries can be treated with pain medication and injections, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. Severe injuries may require surgical procedures for correcting the damage.

St. Louis Car Accident Attorney

If you have sustained a back injury in a car accident, the most important thing is to seek medical attention for your condition. After recovery, you can file for compensation for the injury sustained. The compensation may include the medical expenses incurred in treatment of the injury, pain and suffering endured, and the impact of the injury on day-to-day life. An experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer can help you receive the best compensation for your injuries.

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