Gathering Evidence for a Personal Injury Claim

What evidence do you need to gather for a personal injury claim?

A car accident can be a traumatic experience both physically and mentally. What should you do after a car accident? Stay calm, seek medical attention, and follow the tips listed below. These tips will help you gather evidence to support a personal injury claim if the accident was the result of the other driver’s negligence. This checklist will help you organize the information you collect.

Identify the Other Driver

Record the name, address, phone number, and e-mail address of the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident. The insurance details should also be noted along with the license plate number of the vehicle.

Photographs of Vehicle Damage

Take lots of photographs of the damage sustained by your vehicle and the damage on the other vehicle. Try to include landmarks like nearby buildings, traffic signals, trees, and billboards in the pictures as they help investigators to reconstruct the accident.

Police Report

Call the police and report the accident as it formally records the incident and can be useful to your case.

Eyewitness Reports

Record the name, address, phone number, and e-mail address of all witnesses around the accident site. If a witness allows it, take a photograph or video of the witness as well.

Record of Medical Care and Expenses

Keep a detailed note of all expenses incurred for medical care and doctor visits. Record them in chronological order with the date and time for each hospital visit and treatment received. Include out-of-pocket expenses incurred for each treatment and prescription drugs. Always save the receipts and attach them to your notes.

Employment Records

Keep a note of the hours spent away from work due to injuries suffered, medical treatment, and doctor appointments. It is advisable to get a letter from the employer confirming your missed work and wages lost.

Photographs of Injuries

Take photographs of your injuries and the process of healing. This will provide a visual timeline for the bodily injuries sustained in the accident.

Pain and Suffering

Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings you undergo doing your recovery phase and make note of how the injury has affected your day to day life.

Vehicle Repair Estimates and Bills

Get an estimate for repairs from at least three reputed automotive repair shops. Save copies of these estimates and invoice of any repair work done on your vehicle after the accident.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Keep a record of all extra payments you have had as a result of the accident. Include childcare expenses, vacation disruptions, transportation charges, and charges for domestic help.

This information will help your St. Louis car accident attorney to prepare your case and help you receive the maximum possible damages for your injuries and losses.

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2 thoughts on “Gathering Evidence for a Personal Injury Claim

  1. My brother was in a pretty bad car accident a few days ago and he is in no shape to fight with insurance companies. We are having a lot of trouble getting him the money for the help that he needs so we are thinking about hiring a personal injury lawyer here in Chicago. It is really sad that insurance companies and their clients can be so awful to deal with. We will use these tips for building our case, thank you for sharing.

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