Rear End Bike Accidents in St. Louis, Missouri

Rear end bicycle accidents account for almost 40 percent of all bike accidents.

Many of these accidents occur because the drivers fail to share the road responsibly with the bike riders. In this post, we will discuss some rear end bike accident scenarios and how you can protect yourself as a St. Louis bicyclist.

Whether you commute on your bike daily, or just take it for an occasional ride, you must keep one thing in mind: Even though you have every right to use the roadway just like the other vehicles do, it is possible that the other drivers may not see you or fail to share the roadway responsibly. So, you must always ride with extreme caution and assume that the drivers cannot see you. Take it upon yourself to ensure your safety. Here are some common scenarios involving a rear end bike accident:

Swerving: Even though bikers are required to ride to the right as much as possible, certain hurdles such as a potholes, debris or some other hazards can cause them to switch lanes abruptly, and the vehicle coming from behind can collide with it. So, it is important for the riders to stay alert and check the rear before switching lanes.

Distracted riding: Bicycle riders have absolutely no protection against the mighty vehicles they share the roadway with. So, to prevent any accidents, it is important for bicyclists to be 100% alert at all times. Even a slight distraction can cost the biker his life or limb.

Bike Lane Intrusions: Drivers of motor vehicles often flout traffic rules. It is not uncommon for the drivers to intrude into bicycle lanes to make a right turn or for parking. So, you must stay alert even in the bike lane.

Intersection accidents: A large number of bike collisions occur on intersections. So, it is important to make frequent checks as you approach the intersection. Even if you remain to the right, watch out for the cars trying to make sudden right turns.

Poor visibility: A large percentage of rear end bike accidents occur in the night because of low visibility. Make sure there are reflectors on the bike as well as on your clothes so that you are easily visible to the drivers even at night.

Depending on the speed at which the rear end bike collisions occur, they can cause severe injuries and even death of the biker. In most cases, the driver of the vehicle that hit from behind would be held liable for the accident. However, in case the biker failed to observe the traffic laws, or was riding negligently or aggressively and got hit from behind, then he may not be able to recover any damages from the driver.

If you have been involved in a rear end bike collision, then you must get in touch with an experienced St Louis injury attorney to understand your legal rights and options.


Who is Liable for Automobile Accidents Involving Pot Holes?

Damaged areas on the road, including large potholes, become a risk for traffic accidents.

During bad weather, you will often see a lot of potholes on the roadway. Once the top layer of the asphalt is worn away, it exposes the base below it, creating a pothole. While a pothole can begin very small, rainwater can accelerate the damage and the pothole can quickly increase in size. Bad weather is the main reason that leads to the formation of potholes, crates, and pits on roadways, parking lots, private roads, and sidewalks, often leading to deadly car accidents.

Even the smallest pit or crack formed in the surface can absorb water over time and expand, allowing more water to be absorbed and thus expanding the hole even more. The damaged area on the road becomes a huge risk for traffic and requires immediate attention.

Vehicle Damage Due to Potholes

No pothole should ever be neglected, regardless of its size. The Department of Transportation has the responsibility to track and repair any pothole that appears on the road.  Even a small pothole can lead to serious damage to a vehicle, damaging the suspension and shock absorbers of the vehicle. A large pothole can be even more dangerous and may cause the same extent of damage as would occur in a car accident at 35 miles per hour.

Potholes Accidents Leading to Severe Injuries

A large pothole on the road can lead to a car accident because of the vehicle’s inability to handle the strong impact. Often times, a driver encounters a pothole unexpectedly and may lose control over the vehicle. The risk is even greater when traveling at a high speed, because hitting a pothole at a high speed can throw the vehicle in the way of another vehicle traveling either in the same lane or in the opposite lane. Such an accident can cause severe injuries and even death.

Liability for Pothole Accidents

It may be difficult to determine liability in case of a car accident that occurs due to road potholes. Although it is the municipalities’ responsibility to detect and repair potholes, they sometimes fail to do so. However, in a situation when the accident happens because of a driver who tries to avoid the pothole and causes a collision, you may be able to pursue a claim against the at-fault driver for negligence.

St. Louis Car Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident caused by a pothole on the road, contact an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer from The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. We can help you file a claim against the municipality or the driver responsible for the accident and receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Call us at (314) 361-4300 today.