Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis and Injury Claims

knee pain after car accident

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is the erosion or wearing of the cartilage at the end of bones. The cartilage prevents the bones from rubbing against each other and hence when the cartilage wears down, the bones start rubbing together causing pain in the joints. Osteoarthritis can occur in any joint of the body, however it occurs most commonly in the joints of hands, spine, hips and knees. Post-traumatic osteoarthritis is a common car accident injury and almost 12% cases of osteoarthritis in America are caused by some accident or trauma.

The common symptoms of osteoarthritis are pain and tenderness in joints, inflammation, stiffness, reduction in movement of affected joint, loss of flexibility, and grinding of joints. These symptoms alone can determine osteoarthritis, however, certain other diagnostics like blood tests, x-rays, MRI are done to confirm the diagnosis.

Osteoarthritis After a Car Accident

Post traumatic osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis after an accident is a common condition. According to statistics available about 12 percent cases of osteoarthritis of knee, hip, and ankle are caused by some kind of accident or trauma.

Filing an Accident Claim in St. Louis

In a car accident case, your claim should be based on the medical treatment you received for the injuries caused due to the accident. This means, to make a claim for osteoarthritis following a car accident, it is essential that your treating doctor has diagnosed you with osteoarthritis, and should have mentioned in your medical reports that the condition is a result of the car accident.

The mere fact that you never had osteoarthritis before the accident does not entitle you to compensation. You will have to prove it in the court that the condition was caused by the car accident.

Damages for Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis

Damages for post traumatic osteoarthritis are similar to the ones that you can receive for any other injury or illness. You may receive compensation for all the losses that you have suffered as a result of the condition, not just the medical expenses.

Depending on the severity of the condition, post traumatic osteoarthritis may limit your ability to do work, and may cause substantial pain and suffering.  As long as you can prove that the damages are in some way related to the car accident, you can seek compensation.

It is important that the plaintiff’s testimony is in line with the doctor’s testimony. If the plaintiff claims that his complaints and symptoms are worse than what the doctors think, the jurors will assume that the plaintiff is exaggerating. Having a medical expert testify as to the extent of your injuries is essential.

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